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Purpose of this Website

  To educate and enlighten and help people understand important information that is being kept from us.

  Topics of interest on this website include the following : Conspiracies, Political Corruption, Ancient Cultures and Societies, Banking and Economic Subversion, Alternative Medicines and Therapies, Alternative Energy Sources, Constitution & Sovereignty, Mythology and the Roots of Religion, Medical Fraud, Mind Control, Population Control, Weather Control, Secret Societies and Fraternal Orders, Occultism and Symbolism, Psychedelics, Sexual Politics and Control, Personal Tools for Freedom, UFOs and Aliens, Ancient Mysteries, Megaliths & More

  This is a RESEARCH based website. The research is based on MY personal quest for TRUTH. My personal beliefs are not necessarily represented by all of the information found here. Many articles here have been written over a period of many years and my ideas about subjects have changed considerably.

  I suggest people do their own research on these subjects. The information here is the result of approx. 27 years of research. There are many things I have learned and many things I do not yet know. I do know that the truth is very well hidden from the majority of the population and I have the desire to make those truths better well known.

  "Whatever Is Covered Up Will Be Uncovered And Every Secret Will Be Made Known" - Luke 12:2

  "You Shall Know The Truth And The Truth Shall Set You Free" - John 8:32